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Coumi ANC-860 Bluetooth 5.0 ANC headphones are good

by on26 November 2020

Review: Decent performance for $57 (With code 50% off)

A few years back, we saw a clear indication that wired mobile phone headphones will be the thing of the past, with a strong tendency toward Bluetooth 5, charging case, and ANC combo use scenario. Today we have a chance to present COUMI that offers Bluetooth 5.0, ANC headphones for $50-ish.

It is hard to stand out in this market. Apple popularized the whole thing with its earbuds, and it spawned many clones and similar/better products,from JBL, Sony, and Jabra, higher-end players, all the way down to Anker and Coumi targeting around $50 market.  


COUMI ANC-860 are wireless Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds supporting Bluetooth 5.0. They use six microphones to empower the active noise canceling part, and the headphones come with stereo deep bass with 12.5MM Biological Diaphragm speakers. There won’t be support for AptX or any other high-end audio codecs at this price point.

The specification promises overall playtime, including recharging them in the etui recharging case of 41Hrs with ANC off and 30 hours with active noise canceling. The headphones should last 5.5 hours with ANC and 7.5 hours without it.


They also support IPX7 waterproof rating with nano-coated seal. This will keep your sweat, accident splash, or light rain outside of the buds. The charging case supports USB-C quick charge that should top the charging case within 1.5 hours. They support Bluetooth 5.0 and TWS (True Wireless Stereo). TWS refers to a technology which allows you to pair two audio devices via Bluetooth. You can transmit the left and the right channel separately. It also allows single headphone use for calls.

Hybrid active noise cancellation is a central feature of the earbuds. COUMI ANC-860 wireless earbuds are equipped with six microphones to identify human voices from background noise and intelligently extract your speech while suppressing ambient sounds, delivering the best call quality on Bluetooth earbuds. Best wireless in-ear headphones for casual commuters, air travelers, or joggers.

The manufacturer claims that with 2 ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) microphones, one voice pick-up microphone, and Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation technology, these Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds effectively block out 80 percent of background noises and make your voice clearer, well, in theory.

All controls on the headphones are touch, double touch on the left or right.

What’s inside

The box is well designed and gives a lot of information about the product and its specification. The inside part of the box is not of the highest quality as opening the accessory paper box leaves small tear marks. The charging case is made from matt plastic, a healthy change from many glossy based finish such like the ones that Apple and Huawei use. There is a small leather strap on the side of the case too.


The accessories box included a short manual, a bit longer multi-language manual, USB-C to USB-A cable, and plenty of different size fittings.

How it works

Using the first time will enable pair mode, and all you need to do is to find COUMI ANC-860 in your Bluetooth settings and pair. That is it.

Once you take them off the etui case, the voice tells you that the headphones are turned on. After connecting to a nearby device, the prerecorded voice acts as a task confirmation.

A single tap on the left earbud will decrease the volume. A 3-second hold will turn them on if they are off, and the single tap will answer the call. The single tap will also hang-up the call. Pressing the left earbud will enable voice assistant. Pressing it for two seconds will reject the call, and the last pressing either left or right for six seconds will turn them off.

Cuomi controlls

The right-hand earbud double tap will play or pause the song. Pressing for two seconds will go to the next song, while taping will increase the volume, answer, or hang up.

Double-tap on the left earbud will enable Active noise canceling, transparency mode, or turn the ANC off to normal mode.

There is no app

The voice command confirmation is in place since there is no companion app. Some more high-end headphones, including Jabra or JBL, come with a companion app making some tasks more comfortable, including making custom profiles. Huawei has the companion app for its Freebuds 3.

This brings us to the sound quality and the active noise canceling. It will offer decent sound, something I would expect for this price range. Since these are USD 50-ish headphones before the discount, this is what one should expect. They also offer some Active noise canceling. It will block the PC fan in the office and reduce the street noise but not wholly eliminate it. It does ok for the price range.



Overall, Coumi ANC-860 earbuds are a pleasant surprise. They are priced well at slightly above $50, and with special promotion for our readers and $28.99 price, they are a real steal.

If you like decent, comfortable headphones that will slightly stick from your ears, offer some ANC, and good battery life, this is a product for you. Coumi ANC-860 is great for its price class.

It would not hurt to have a companion app, but once you learn all the tapping controls, I guess you can get away without an app.

It is a great buy.

COUMI ANC-860 on Amazon

$28.99 with multi-usde code LYRAT7J3 and 10% coupon

COUMI ANC-860 on

COUMI ANC-860 on

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