Adobe boss warns against the perils of Excel
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Spreadsheet stuck in the 80s

The boss of the super secure Flash player has warned his staff to stop using Excel because it is out of date.

Adobe pushed insecure spying Chrome browser extension
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And it can be hacked

Adobe installed a browser extension for Google Chrome alongside an update for the company's Adobe Acrobat Reader DC software.

Adobe reports digital deflation
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Ecommerce has a snooze

Abobe accountants have worked out that the digital economy is suffering a period of deflation across nearly every category it tracks.

Chrome to kill Flash soon
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Google goes all Ming the Merciless

Google developers have announced a cunning plan to disable the playback of Flash content in Chrome by default and use HTML5 instead.

Adobe’s Flash tester behind the times
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Chrome is more up-to-date

There has been a cock-up with Flash’s updates system which has left Chrome with a newer version of Flash than Adobe thinks is the latest.

Facebook calls for the death of Flash
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The world is ready now

The world is now ready for Flash to be killed off, according to Facebook's new chief security officer. 

Profits fall

Heavy showers expected

Attacked a Syrian government website

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IE 10 now protected