Samsung's foundry flounders
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Drop in market share expected

Taiwanese market research institute TrendForce claims that Samsung's foundry business will lose market share in 2022.

Intel to increase chip performance
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Fivefold increase per watt

Intel says it wants to achieve fivefold increase in performance per watt for its next-generation CPU-GPU.

TSMC sees sales increase
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37 per cent jump

TSMC is predicting a 37 per cent jump in current-quarter sales even if chip capacity remains tight this year.

Tsar Putin orders glorious Russian supercomputer
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Made with invincible and advanced Russian chips based on proven technology

Terrified that ordering invasions of other countries might prevent his country getting its paws on technology, Tsar Putin has ordered that a supercomputer be built around Russian-made Elbrus processors.

Big Tech uses energy-optimised machine-learning
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We are going to save the planet

Tech’s biggest names are teaming up with boffins to develop energy-optimised machine-learning and quantum-computing systems under the MIT AI Hardware Programme.

China spending $150 billion to upgrade on semiconductor production
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Only a matter of time

The Chinese government has been spending over $150 billion by 2030.

Chip shortage could continue for years
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TSMC warns

A TSMC boss has warned that the chip shortage is unlikely to ease up for years.

Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express gets wide acceptance
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Intel, AMD, Arm, TSMC, and Samsung sign up

Intel, AMD, Arm, TSMC, and Samsung have signed up to a Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express (UCIe) consortium.

Nvidia spends $10 billion to secure 5nm supply
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TSMC cashes in

The graphics card maker named after a Roman vengeance daemon, Nvidia is spending $10 billion to make sure that TSMC makes its 5nm node design chipsets.

TSMC runs into construction delays in Arizona
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Already three to six months behind schedule

TSMC’s new Arizona chip-making plant has run into construction delays.