TSMC is 5G winner
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Appears to have most of the fabless chipmaker's projects

TSMC has reportedly grabbed orders for all the 5G modem chips that have been introduced by fabless chipmakers, such as Qualcomm's Snapdragon X50 and HiSilicon's Balong series.

TSMC gears up for 5nm
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Mass production next year

TSMC has started risk production of 5nm chips and expects to be ready to begin mass production in the first half of next year.

TSMC suffers from worst profit fall in seven years
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The Apple cult giveth, the Apple cult taketh away

TSMC posted its steepest profit decline in over seven years in the first quarter of the year thanks to a slowing electronics market and declining orders from the fruity cargo-cult Apple.

TSMC’s EUV-based process netting big customers
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Mobile World Congress will show the depth of its success

The Mobile World Congress is expected to show how well TSMC’s EUV-based process is doing at attracting customers.

TSMC thrashes Intel on semi tech
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Chipzilla goes into meditation mode

Our earlier story from Future Horizon's conference this week went into great and intensive depth about the overall state of the semiconductor market.

Chip industry will weather the economic storm
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But things not too bright for 2019

Malcolm Penn, CEO of British analyst firm Future Horizons, has at least three admirable traits.

TSMC sulks about its future
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Chips are down

TSMC has slashed its full year investment and forecast its sharpest quarterly revenue fall in a decade, joining a string of tech companies warning of a slowdown in global smartphone demand.

TSMC could be about to replace Intel
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Bloomberg’s thinks Chipzilla will go the way of the dinosaurs

The days of Intel dominating chipmaking is now under threat from a company many Americans have never heard of – TSMC.

5nm mobile chips to arrive in late 2020
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Industry contacts shared

The mobile industry is definitely outpacing the manufacturing progress of both GPUs and CPUs and this is not going to change anytime soon. Apple lead the industry with millions of 7nm A12 SoCs, Huawei and Qualcomm are joining in, while the PC industry will get them slightly later with much smaller volumes and with the help of small AMD.

TSMC to see record 4Q18 revenues
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All thanks to its 7nm

TSMC is expected to post record revenues for the fourth quarter of 2018 thanks mostly to the contribution coming from its 7nm processing.