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Lian Li unveils PC-Q38 compact PC case
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For mini-ITX motherboards

Lian Li, well known for its aluminum PC cases, has unveiled its newest small form-factor PC-Q38 mini-ITX PC case that brings quite a few unique features and premium design to the SFF PC case market.

Dune case looks like a Mac Pro
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Only much cheaper

A kickstarter project has launched for a small form-factor PC case which looks rather like the Apple Mac Pro, but will be able to contain hardware which is probably much better for less cost.

Cook defends Quasimodo case
Published in Mobiles

Don’t call it a hump call it a noteable feature

Fruity cargo-cult leader CEO Tim Cook is defending forcing Apple fanboys to buy an ugly Quasimodo case if they want their iPhones to have a half decent battery life.

Apple fanboys discover new way to escape the genepool
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Let's make our phone look like a handgun

While a big chunk of Americans don't believe Darwin's theories, it seems that Apple fanboys are doing their best to remove themselves from the genepool.

Raspberry gets its own box
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Thinking pink

After three years being a naked circuit board the Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an official case.

Plastic unfantastic as metal rulez
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Case makers slash capacity

Makers of plastic casings for notebooks and cutting back on their manufacturing capacity as punters demand natty metal-alloy-chassis.


Judge chucks out case


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We never saw it coming

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