Apple tries to save sales by bringing out new models
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More Macs and iPads expected

Fruity cargo cult Apple plans to rescue its falling sales figures by releasing several new models and upgrades for early next year.

Apple Pay Later arrives
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Ironically late

Fruity cargo cult Apple has introduced Apple Pay Later scheme in the US, later than Jobs' Mob thought it would be.

Ex-Apple executive realises iPad is pointless
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What was Jobs thinking of?

Ex-Apple executive and longtime Apple commentator Jean-Louis Gassee has suddenly woken up and realised that the iPad had no use and is dying off.

10th-generation iPad uses an old pencil
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Will need to be charged seperately

In a move to show how bleeding edge it is, the fruity cargo cult is reverting back to its first generation Apple Pencil for the new 10th-generation iPad.

Apple admits iPhones, iPad and iMacs have serious security risk
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Attackers could have complete control of your Coldplay and U2 collection

Fruity cargo cult Apple has admitted that its faultless, super-cool, operating system which rules across all its devices has a feature that allows a naughty person to take control of the machine.

Apple says hit the road jack to iPad
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Entry-level iPad loses useful tool

Apple's upcoming entry-level iPad is rumored to cut the 3.5mm headphone jack which while being incredibly useful had been purged from Jobs' Mob's line up ages ago.

Netflix works a way around Apple's tax
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Expect a visit from the boys 

Media streaming outfit Netflix has earned the wrath of the Tame Apple Press by working a way around paying a huge amount to the fruity cargo cult Apple for doing very little.

Apple fanboy jailed over iPad
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Apparently, sex pests can’t own them without telling the authorities

A sex pest was jailed for a year after ignoring a court order which prevented him from using a shiny iPad unless he told coppers first.

Apple's new entry-level iPad could come with A14 chip
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Go the way of USB-C as well

According to the latest report, the new entry-level iPad from Apple could come with the A14 chip, 5G connectivity, as well as finally switch to a USB-C port.

Apple fixes two critical zero-day vulnerabilities
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iPhones, iPads, and Macs wide open

Apple released fixes for two critical zero-day vulnerabilities in iPhones, iPads, and Macs that give hackers dangerous access to the devices internals.