Europe’s plan to combat kiddie fiddlers worry privacy experts
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Turns out that it might just be an excuse to spy on everyone

The European Commission’s plan to combat child sexual abuse material online is already raising privacy concerns.

Parents getting worried about the rise of Huggy Wuggy
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They want it banned - they just want the government to do it for them

A rather nasty adult game which appears to be targeted at young children appears to have gotten child experts and karen mothers upset.

Intel releases Gaudi2
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Named after a guy who designed something that would not be finished

Intel launched a new chip called Gaudi2 focused on artificial intelligence computing, as the chip manufacturer makes a bigger push into the AI chip market currently dominated by Nvidia.

ICE has built up a mass surveillance system
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Land of the Free

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has built up a mass surveillance system that includes details on almost all US residents.

Microsoft demoted Snover for inventing Powershell
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Sorry Cato, companies do not reward courage 

PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover has aired some grievances about how his indispensable tool once got him demoted.

IBM wants to make quantum supercomputers
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The plan is potentially alive and dead

IBM is ready to expand quantum technology into supercomputing – a gift for Bond villains everywhere.

Apple kills off iPod
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MP3 player clone is no more

Fruity cargo cult Apple has finally killed off its MP3 music player the iPod after successfully copying five year old technology and getting away with it.

AMD Phoenix APU might give top graphics
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Even the lower power version will match Nvidia 

Phoenix, the next generation of AMD APUs, named after a bird which catches fire and is reborn from the ashes, might offer unprecedented mobile graphics performance.

Intel Alder Lake-HX mobile processors details leak
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First laptop platform with 16 cores

Intel Alder Lake-HX mobile processors details have leaked giving pundits a chance to see what performance we can expect from the new 16 core laptop CPUs.

PS5 demand outstrips supply
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19.3 million consoles sold so far

PlayStation 5 is at 19.3 million consoles sold so far this generation and demand is still far outstripping supply.