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PC and Power Cooling has 1200W PSU @ 90A

by on29 August 2007


OCZ has a new Turbo cool

AMD really enjoy using the PC and Power Cooling PSUs for its Quad FX and Phenom systems and PC Power and Cooling is now owned by OCZ. We had a chance to see the new Turbo cool 1200W PSU with a single rail that can sustain a 90A.

The main difference between this PSU and the rest of the PSU competition is that this PSU can supply 1200W via single 12V+ 90A current per rail while the others usually needs two to four rails to get to over 1000W.

PC Power and Cooling doesn’t use much marketing numbers as it can supply 1200W continues power with the peak of 1300W while the sustainable current is 90A while it can peak at even 100A. This will probably be one of the best PSUs around for a while.



Last modified on 29 August 2007
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