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ATI still doesn?t have a new card

by on14 June 2010

Not answering Fermi

At this time, ATI is still not answering Nvidia’s Fermi generation of cards. There are no price cuts, there are no new products and for ATI it is business as usual.

One of the main reasons is the fact that the cheapest Geforce GTX 400 generation costs €270 or around that price and most users want to spend less than that on a graphics card anyway.

The soon to launch Geforce GTX 460, based on new GF104 chip might change to story. However it won’t sell for €100, it will certainly cost quite a bit more.

ATI is reportedly working on the next generation, what seems to be another 40nm chip that is supposed to come later this year, but we don’t have more details than that. The 28nm based chips from both Nvidia and ATI should be expected in 2011, most likely the first part of it, but with such transitions you simply never know.

Last modified on 20 June 2010
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