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Gordon Moore predicts the end of his law

by on19 September 2007


IDF 2007:
Fundamental limits

Gordon Moore, co founder and retired CEO of the company and the person behind Moore's law has said publicly that he can see the end of his law.

His law implies that every 18 to 24 months the number of transistors will double. He sad that Intel already had challenges and if they hadn't invented a 45 nanometre gate of hafnium, Intel would have problems to keep up with Mr Moore's law.

He also said that the fundamental limits are going to stop his law at some point. As Mr Steven Hopkins concluded, we are all limited by atoms and the speed of light.

At one point the gate will just be too small. Intel goes to 32 nanometre in 2009 and there is space to keep the law up for at least a few more years.


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