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Nehalem is a native dual and quad or octo

by on20 September 2007


IDF 2007: Quad core pictured

We've see Nehalem and we even had a chance to touch this three week old CPU and we learned that dual and quad cores are a native design and that Intel is flexible on the cash size.

Intel's first baby will be quad core and dual core will follow. By the end of 2008 Intel will launch its eight core with sixteen threads.

The magic is that both quad and dual cores are native and Intel designed that CPU so that it can be native dual, quad and octa core. That is exactly what they are doing but one more time, quad core is the first to arrive in 2H 2008.

These are the fingers of Stephen L. Smith Vice President Director, Digital Enterprise Group Operations who was the nice chap to confirm our socket 775 for this CPU story. The dual die one is Penryn and the other one is Nehalem quad core. 



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