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Intel's yields at 45 nanometre up to 90 percent

by on21 September 2007


IDF 2007: The blue coats are happy


Intel thinks that AMD is in trouble, well no real surprise there. The company sources have told Fudzilla that Intel usually has yields up to 90 percent which sounds really great while Intel doesn't believe that AMD can come even close to that number with Barcelona.

K10, Barcelona is a big chip and that is why some of the cores are failing, hence you get triple core chips. AMD now doesn't have a choice and it will be fine once the revision B2F is out but Intel will defintiely keep the lead for the rest of the year and through most of 2008.

If the 90 percent number is the real one that Intel makes a lot of money of its wafers, and if it comes anything close to this with Larrabee Nvidia and ATI will be in trouble.

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