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Ageia prepares UT 3 based shooter

by on24 August 2007


Games Convention 07: Warmonger to be free

Ageia is working on a new game called Warmonger based on Unreal engine 3 and this game should be available soon, probably before this Xmas.

We had a chance to pay the beta multiplayer and we were really thrilled about it. You can destroy just about anything in the game but you can clearly see that there is still a lot of space for performance optimisation.

Ageia card makes Physics looks really good and life like and at the same time with your RPG you can easily destroy the building walls and kill someone even behind that wall. You simply fire a granate in the wall and the wall and whatever is behind will probably be damadged or killed. The bricks can also hurt the players and also the other particles.

You can move just about anything in the level and it is really fun to play it. The best of all is that it will be free for download and that some real beta might be ready in a few weeks.

This is how it looks and what can you do, but you really need a video to see how good this actually is.


Before RPG shell


The hole in the wall after RPG

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