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Sony confirms 160GB & 320GB PS3 models

by on18 August 2010

Will arrive in North America on September 19th
As we have told you about previously, Sony has now made it official that it will be replacing both the 120GB PlayStation 3 and the 250GB PlayStation 3 with new models that will include larger hard drives.

The 120GB model will be replaced with a 160GB model, while the 250GB model will be replaced with a 320GB model. The 160GB model will stay at the $299.99 price tag. When the PlayStation Move hits retailers, so will the new 320GB model, which is being called the PS3 Champions Move Bundle; it will include the 320GB hard drive as well as one PlayStation Move controller, the PlayStation Eye camera, and a copy of the Sports Champions title for PlayStation Move. The PS3 Champions Move

Bundle will be sold with a suggested retail price of $399.99. The decision to start offering a 320GB hard drive gives Sony an advantage over Microsoft, who currently will be offering a 250GB model as their largest hard drive offering for the Xbox 360. Whispers we hear seem to confirm what our sources already told us, which is that the increased hard drive space is being driven by hard drive manufacturers being able to offer the larger drives at the same price or close to what they were paying for the smaller drives. The larger drives do represent a significant additional value for buyers.

Despite rumors of a possible price cut, it is now expected that Sony will stick with the $299 and $399 pricing though the 2010 holiday season and if a price cut comes, it will not be till next year at the soonest. Rumors suggest that Sony is not at all anxious to cut prices, since they are finally close to breaking even or making a little bit on each console sold. The profit will give Sony a chance to offset some of the losses that the company encountered when they were clearly losing money on every PlayStation 3 sold.
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