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Android paused to wipe the floor with Apple

by on13 September 2010

Why Apple will always be a minority OS
It is starting to look like Apple will become the minority OS of phones and adopt the same role it has in the PC market. According to beancounters at Gartner, Apple is fast losing ground to Android. 

Android will completely wipe out Apple's iPhone operating system by 2014 after passing it this year. It means that it does not matter how many phones Apple will ship, how many fanboys scream that it is a cure for cancer, ultimately the business model is doomed.

Looking at the figures it seems that Gartner is predicting that Apple will be doing its best to hold its market share at 14 per cent a figure that Android over took this week. At the moment the market leader is still Symbian and much of Android's gains are going to be made at that operating system's expense.

It is bad news for Microsoft, as Gartner predicts that it will not even make a dent in the Mobile market. It's important to note that while Gartner's figures do not predict the iPhone will be crushed, it will simply never get any bigger than it is now.

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