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Apple will remain "armless"

by on22 September 2010

Chipmaker laughs off the rumours
Talk that Jobs' Mob is buying the chip designer Arm have been laughed off by the outfit's CEO. Arm CEO Warren East said the rumours were “completely nonsensical” however apparently he stopped laughing when the reporters at the New York Times started asking questions about Intel.

He said that while Intel may make more money from their chips, ARM’s customers are well ahead in sheer numbers. “Our customers sell about 4 billion chips a year” however we don’t look like Intel, “we’re never going to be a $100 billion outfit”.

He dismissed the idea of a “David and Goliath” fight between his company and Intel, blaming commentators and press for attempting to hype the division between the two firms.

At the moment Arm is going down the route that chases the lowest possible power consumption rather than the highest possible performance. This has done well for ARM in the smartphone and ultramobile device market but has left Intel the PC field.

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