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Geforce GTX580 launch on 9th Nov, sampling now

by on02 November 2010

772MHz 512 Shader part

We got a few confirmations of recently leaked specs and facts about Geforce GTX 580 posted here.

The new card is sampling to journalists right now. It should launch on Tuesday 9th but it's unclear at what time. It looks like it will be the morning hours of Tuesday, November 9th.

A few important facts are that the card works at 772MHz core, has 512 shaders and 2200MHz memory. It should also be somewhat quieter than the previous GTX 480.

Our sources are also claiming that the mini shader cores got slightly improved and that the card works and performance just as it was intended for original Fermi GF100, Geforce GTX 480 card.

You can look at this card as Fermi done right and we can also confirm that the card is scheduled to launch before AMD's Cayman-based Radeon HD 6950 and HD 6970 parts.

The fun in the graphics world is just about to start, as there are still a few more interesting cards to launch until the end of 2010.
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