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Chrome 9 is extremely fast

by on11 February 2011

Firefox 4.b11 beta shapes up
Google recently introduced its Chrome 9 browser and even if you are loyal Firefox or IE user, its worth looking into.

Chrome 9 is very fast and it feels like the fastest browser around. We especially liked the fact that the address bar and search bar are now unified and it is easier than ever to google things up.

Firefox 4 got to beta 11, which also works quite well, but general impression is that Chrome 9 is faster. We have to admit that you won't go wrong with any of those, and even the release candidate of Internet Explorer 9 shaped up to be a quite nice browser.

We hope to see the final version of Internet Explorer and Firefox shortly but even in their beta / release candidate phase they work quite nice. The next generation of browsers definitely offers a wind of change.

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