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Kal-El and future chips are 2560x1600 HD + video

by on20 September 2011

Future trends
It looks like 1080p is not enough for the future. Companies want to convince you that you need more than 1920x1080 pixels even on your tablets, possibly even phones. This is what the future brings.

More pixels can mean a better resolution and much crisper picture, even on a 10-inch tablet, and this is exactly what companies want to promote with their next generation mobile chips. Nvidia’s Kal-El is likely going to be the first chip to officially support 2560x1600 resolution. Kal-El is expected to show its face in early Q4 2011, and to get out in October timeframe, but it is still not clear if we will simply see product announced based on Kal-El or you will actually be able to buy one already in October.

Since tablets usually need less than 2560x1600 for their 10-inch or smaller screens, the HDMI or Display Port will take care that you can get this resolution out of your device. The eternal question, who actually needs all this, remains to be answered. However, 2560x1600 support means that this chip can do 1280x800 in 3D, something that might be attractive to a few 3D lovers with 3D TV’s.

It starts in October and naturally Wayne, a 28nm ARM A9 based chip will continue this trend supporting at least 2560x1600 if not even higher resolutions, should anyone see the need for them.
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