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PS4 to feature super-HD?

by on12 January 2012

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Could be something to think about

With all of the talk about Super-HD at CES, which is the new 4K/8K super-hi-res displays, is it too farfetched to think that Sony might be looking at this seriously for the PlayStation 4? Sony CTO Masaaki Tsuruta spoke at the International Electron Devices meeting in DC, where he said that Sony’s focus for its next gaming projects is very much focused on advanced semiconductor research.

Super-HD is something that Sony is apparently looking at while believing that new advances in silicon designs could make resolutions of 4K/8K possible with low latency. We have to think, however, that with people just making the transition to HDTV 1080, it would be hard to get folks to upgrade again.

Still, having that type of ability in its next console could really help Sony drive Super-HD 4K/8K, as it will take software and applications to make it something that is really ready for prime time.

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