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iPad 3 will be the iPad 2 with a new label

by on12 January 2012

Nothing to see here, queue here please

Following the success of the iPhone 4S which sported minimal changes to the spec, Apple has decided to relaunch the iPad 3 which is the same as the iPad 2.

iLounge claims to have had a first hands-on with iPad 3, and the site's editor-in-chief, Jeremy Horwitz claims to have seen a pre-production model of the upcoming gadget. The only thing different appears to be the casing for the device, and it will not have an ultra-high-resolution screen is strongly rumoured to be the big improvement for the toy.

Horwitz says, though, that anyone hoping for a radical rethink of iPad will be disappointed. He said the transition will be similar as that from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 4S. It looks so much like the iPad 2 that differences are only obvious when they’re placed next to each other.' The new iPad’s body is so slightly thicker than the iPad 2 that the change is unnoticeable on first inspection; a roughly 1mm increase will barely be perceptible to users.'

'On the rear, the camera in the upper left corner has become bigger—noticeably so when placed alongside the iPad 2, but not so huge that anyone would think they were different at a distance. 'These changes are so modest that Apple could easily call this device the iPad 2S,' says Horwitz.

Apple has worked out that its fanboys will queue for it anyway so why bother improving anything. What will be even more annoying to those in the tech industry is that Apple fanboys and the New York Times will spend a lot of time boring the sh*t out of us saying how wonderful it is.

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