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Intel AppUp store ready for Windows 8 in Q3

by on26 June 2012

Ultrabooks need it

Intel is definitely focusing on Ultrabooks this year and a big part of that strategy is to bring its AppUp store up to speed this year.

Having a store where you can sell applications is a big thing in the mobile world and it is a pretty hot trend. At the moment, Intel’s AppUp store is in version 3.6.

The future release simply called AppUp 3.7 is going to ring Windows 8 support, but this plan also depends on Microsoft Windows 8 time to market. If Microsoft would delay its Windows 8 release, Intel could delay its introduction of the AppUp 3.7 app store.

With hybrid and touch enabled ultrabooks on the way, along with Windows 8 tablets, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some tablet-centric apps find their way to Intel’s store.

Naturally in Q4 2012 it will follow with a future release, probably called 3.8, but at this time we don’t know if Intel plans a simple update or some major one like 4.x. Ultrabooks in 2012 slightly depend on a good Appstore but more importantly, it depends on a good price. 

Last modified on 26 June 2012
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