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Security on our Huawei networks is fine

by on10 October 2012

Three service providers hit out at US China bashing

Three US Huawei customers are furious that at US government committee accused them of being shonky with their security.

The U.S. House of Representatives' Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence this week said that companies that use Huawei do not care about their security and carriers should not buy from Huawei or ZTE. The report named several customers that have bought at least some equipment from Huawei and it appears that three of them are really angry.

Clearwire, which runs the national WiMax network used by Sprint Nextel and is now working on an LTE system, said it buys some of the radios for the edge of its WiMax network from Huawei. Clearwire said each of its infrastructure vendors to submit their equipment and software to extensive testing by a leading third party recognised for vetting critical infrastructure systems for security purposes before incorporating it into our network.

Cricket Communications, a national low-cost cellular carrier said it has systems to monitor its network and identify intrusions, but it said it was respectful of the committee's findings and will consider them carefully and thoughtfully. Global wired backbone provider Level 3 wouldn't comment on Huawei in particular but said it has an extensive security system to safeguard its network.

"Telecommunications gear and the components used in making that gear come from all over the world," Level 3 said in a statement. "We follow a stringent set of security protocols that includes extensive testing and monitoring of all vendor equipment."
The Chinese government slammed the congressional report saying tha it was "was based on subjective suspicions and inaccuracies," and that it had made "groundless accusation against China" in the name of national security.

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