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Lionhead starts on a new project

by on17 October 2012

Confirmed layoffs have hit the studio

As Lionhead has wrapped up Fable: The Journey, word comes from our sources (and which has also now been confirmed by the studio) that layoffs have hit Lionhead Studios. Before it is all said and done, the layoffs could total as much as 10% of the studio’s workforce.

It is common for studios to under-go a work force reduction once a project has been completed as the studio begins its kickoff for a new project. As a new project gets underway, a smaller amount of staff is needed before the project ramps up to full speed.

According to Microsoft, employees that are affected will have the chance to apply for positions with other Microsoft studios. Microsoft is actively hiring in the UK, with other studios such as Rare, Soho Productions and the new London studio all looking for staff.

While it is now confirmed that Lionhead is off to work on its next project, it is currently unknown what that new project might be or if it will be for the current Xbox 360 platform or the Xbox Next. By the way, it would appear that Fable: The Journey is struggling to find an audience, as the new title from Lionhead isn’t exactly flying off retailer shelves.

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