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Apple releases iOS 6.1

by on29 January 2013

Brings LTE to new markets and movie tickets in US

Apple has released the latest iOS update. It is called iOS 6.1, so no surprise there, and the 86.7MB download implies that it’s not a major update.

The list of changes includes better support for LTE in some previously unsupported countries and markets, purchase of mobile tickets through Fandango with Siri is available for USA users and iTunes match subscribers can now download individual songs from iCloud. A new advertising identifier button has been added as well. Overall not too shabby, at all but we are sure that it can fix some of the annoying bugs that Apple failed to mention.

Apple didn’t forget to mention that users have uploaded nine billion photos to Photo Stream and sent over 450 billion iMesages (great way to kill carrier SMS revenues ed.) and users have received four trillion notifications. That sounds like a lot, almost as much as the plunge in Apple stocks, as that crashed from $705.07 to $449.83 in a matter of months.

Apple doesn’t fail to mention that it has 800.000 apps in the App Store for iPhone and more than 300.000 apps native to iPad. This is something that really makes a difference as Android doesn’t come even close with the number of applications for its tablets.  

If you own an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and you really like to upgrade your operating system, just hit the settings and go for it, as the update is already available. That’s also something most Android users are missing out on, as practically one in two Android devices is still stuck at Gingerbread.

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