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IT workers want to quit because of stress

by on28 March 2013

Management are bastards

The number of IT professionals considering leaving their job due to workplace stress has jumped from 69 per cent last year to 73 per cent. According to a survey by GFI Software more than a third want to leave because their managers are bastards and dealing with them was doing their heads in.

This was particularly true for IT staff in larger organisations. Other reasons to quit have been the age old problem of dealing with brain dead users, budget squeezes and tight deadlines. More than 68 per cent of all IT administrators surveyed consider their job stressful. A fifth work between three and five hours of overtime in order to keep on top of their workload and 12 per cent work eight to 10 hours a week. Almost half are working six or more hours overtime a week.

Over a third of respondents have missed social functions due to work issues and another third miss out on planned family time because of work demands. A fifth of IT admins point to a lack of budget and staff needed to get the job done as their primary reasons for job stress.

Of the 73 per cent of respondents considering changing their role, 36 per cent do so on a regular basis. IT staff from companies sized between 100 and 249 employees are most likely to quit their current role due to stress. Staff from the largest firms surveyed are least likely to quit their role due to work stress.

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