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Galaxy S4 shipments pass 10 million

by on23 May 2013

Fastest selling Galaxy to date

Samsung has shipped more than 10 million units of the Galaxy S4 since it debuted in April. It became the fastest selling Samsung handset of all time in a matter of days. Samsung said the S III took 50 days to reach the 10 million mark, while the S II got there in five months.

Apple managed to sell over 37 million iPhones in the first quarter, but bear in mind that Samsung has dozens of phones on offer rather than just one. Analysts believe Samsung will sustain the momentum and ship up to 30 million Galaxy S4s in the third quarter.

However, although Samsung and Apple dominate the market, it is not a two-horse race just yet. HTC is on the rebound and the HTC One is getting very positive reviews. LG’s smartphone business is booming, Sony is still alive and kicking, while Lenovo is betting on Asian markets and doing very well in China.

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