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AMD in tax controversy

by on02 October 2013

Taxpayers pay more

AMD is being used as a case study in how Texas' tax appraisal system benefits companies at the expense of homeowners. In a Sunday article titled "You pay more, they pay less" the Austin-American Statesman highlighted AMD’s legal antics to avoid paying more tax on its campus property.

AMD went to court to disputes the appraisal district's $127.5 million valuation of its Austin campus in an attempt to lower it. It had won some concessions from the government and had the land’s valuation reduced. Over the past two years, AMD was top in a list of 25 property owners who saw their appraisals lowered by the Travis Central Appraisal District.

However AMD’s just flogged the campus for $164 million meaning it was going to court knowing that the valuation was correct.

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