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TegraZone now available on all Android devices

by on29 January 2014

Hardly surprising given the number of Tegra 4 devices

Nvidia's TegraZone is now available on non-Tegra devices. Launched in early 2011, TegraZone was supposed to provide users of Tegra-based devices with apps optimized for Tegra chips and in a sense it is an app store in an app store.

TegraZone also includes some useful info, reviews and news relevant to owners of Tegra devices. There is just one problem - there aren't that many Tegra devices out there. Two years ago the situation was different, as HTC, LG and Google decided to use the Tegra 3 in a range of flagship products. Now though, new Tegra devices are few and far between. With that in mind, opening TegraZone to other devices makes sense.

The latest update, version 2.9, brings support for Google Play game services and a few other features, such as Google+ customization, TegraZone Collections, more sharing options, dynamic loading of additional content, archived news and enhanced support for Nvidia Shield controls.

While the lack of Tegra hardware could explain Nvidia's decision to expand support to all Android devices, it should be noted that TegraZone never lived up to expectations. Development was relatively slow and aside from delivering curated content it didn't really do much. When it launched, we were expecting Nvidia to do a lot more and develop more apps of its own, namely bring more eye candy to Tegra devices, but this never materialized.

The slow pace of development is evident even in the Play Store description. It sounds like a blast from the past, referencing obsolete Tegra devices and Google's Android Market, which was renamed to Google Play almost two years ago. It also states the app is supported only on Android mobile devices with Tegra processors, which is no longer the case.

So, while Nvidia is making Tegra Zone available on non-Nvidia platforms, it still seems like a half hearted effort to say the least. 

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