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Woz is no April fool

by on02 April 2014

Apple’s anniversary was not yesterday

Apple founder Steve (Woz) Wozniak had a pile of hurt for the Tame Apple press yesterday when they rang him up so they could write a pile of gush about Apple’s anniversary. For ages Apple has been telling the world that it was founded on April 1, apparently it gives it the image of being anarchic, funny and edgy. There was some talk of April 1 being a national holiday for those who follow the Apple religion.

Therefore, when Apple fanboys journalists wanted to write long and dull pieces on how Apple invented the wheel and fire on this day in history they thought that Woz would give them a nice monologue. Instead Woz told them they had their dates wrong and Apple was not founded on April 1. To an Apple fanboy this like saying to a born-again Christian that Jesus was not born on December 25.

According to Network World Woz said that Apple was not founded on April 1 but that the Corporation papers were filed around less interesting date of March or May 4. Woz did know how the April rumour started, but, his Corp. filing papers for the Incorporation of Apple Computer were dated several days after April 1.

Apple was actually incorporated nine months later, on January 3, 1977, according to the company's Web site. In fact there is no real mention of April 1, 1976. It is true though that partnership papers were dated April 1, 1976, all right, and is signed by Wozniak, Jobs and Wayne. But Woz said that they were papers formed to produce a PC board for the 'Apple 1',"

He writes: "It was actually a different company than the one that got financed and produced the Apple II. This one was a partnership. The real company was a corporation. To make matters worse Ron Wayne typed the partnership document in his apartment and dated it, but we had to submit a newspaper notification to become legitimate, after a short wait."

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