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Devil’s Canyon launch rumoured for Computex

by on23 May 2014

But it’s a paper launch

Intel is planning to announce Devil’s Canyon just in time for Computex, but it looks like a paper launch.

According to WCCFtech, Intel will launch the first Devil’s Canyon part on June 2. However, the products will not ship anytime soon. Availability is slated for September.

Later than expected

The satanic high-end parts are basically Haswell (refresh) on steroids. Devil’s Canyon features the same basic architecture, but Intel has updated the packaging. It’s using new materials and an improved thermal interface material.

The first chip was leaked a couple of weeks ago. The Core i7-4790K is a 4GHz part capable of hitting 4.4GHz on Turbo. It makes us wonder what the overlocking potential will be, but we can easily see it topping 5GHz with a mild overclock.

That said, we were hoping Intel would bring it to market a bit sooner. September is a long way off, especially for a product based on a two-year old architecture.

What about desktop Broadwell parts?

The fact that Devil’s Canyon is coming in September is not good news. It is highly unlikely that Intel would have bothered with it had it planned to release desktop Broadwell parts in early 2015.

Now it is starting to look as if desktop Broadwell was pushed back and a Q1 launch seems highly unlikely. However, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich recently announced that the first Broadwell PCs will go on sale by year’s end. Of course, Krzanich was talking about notebooks and mobile parts, not desktops. 

It is all a bit puzzling, as it is starting to look as if the first Broadwell PCs based on mobile parts could appear in late Q4 2014, or “not the last second” of the holiday season as Krzanich puts it, while desktop parts seem a long way off. At this rate we might not see them until a year from now.

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