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ATI HD 2400 and HD 2600 lose to Nvidia

by on26 June 2007


Updated: But will have better prices

We had a long conversation with ATI representatives and it turns out that ATI repositioned its products and goes much better against Nvidia at the same price. You can check the part that explains it here.

ATI HD 2400 all variations will lose against physically much bigger Geforce 8400GS or Geforce 8500GT cards based at G86 core.

At the same time Radeon HD 2600 generation will lose to Geforce 8600 GTS and GT cards as Nvidia will simply perform faster, in some cases even significantly faster.

ATI will beat Nvidia with lower prices but we still assume that ATI will lose a big piece of retail sales to Nvidia as end users wants a lot of performance.

Even with these low prices sources close to ATI claims that DAAIMT still can make money on these products. We will wait and see about that.  

Last modified on 02 July 2007
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