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Nvidia rocket strong in graphics

by on17 July 2007


Shares up the sky

Nvidia shares went up in the sky and the company is definitely feeling the joy of success. They are beating its competition in every segment. Analysts believes that Nvidia is so strong because of the recently announced Tesla processor, but we know that Nvidia won the battle over DAAMIT from low to high end.

Nvidia have been shipping DirectX 10 graphics cards for about nine months now in the high end and for over three months in the mainstream and entry level and it is beating its competition. What also helped Nvidia is that ATI was late with high-end, mainstream and low-end chips, so Nvidia enjoyed great sales during this time.

ATI will put some pressure on Nvidia with price wars and ATI did win a lot of OEM sales, but Nvidia will milk a lot of money in the retail market. Nvidia also got a lot of notebook design wins, but we are sure that ATI will get back strong in this market as its 65 nanometre parts have superior power consumption, but don’t be fooled, Nvidia is working on 65 nanometre parts that are just a couple of months away.

Nvidia is constantly growing and it stocks went from a low at $30 to it's current $46.7 in just three months. Just yesterday it went up by another 1.81 per cent or about $0.83 which is really nice for a single day.

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