ZTE about to get a reprieve
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Washington and China about to throw a lifeline

Washington and Beijing are nearing a deal that would remove an existing US order banning American companies from supplying Chinese firm ZTE .

Chinese demonstrate analogue quantum computing break-though
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Uses femtosecond direct writing.

Chinese boffins demonstrated the first two-dimensional quantum walks of single photons in real spatial space. The move may provide a powerful platform to boost analogue quantum computing.

Chinese government approved Microchip's Microsemi buyout
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Announced in Chinese media

Microchip has been caught on the hop after the Chinese media announced that its government had approved its $8.35 billion bid to buy Microsemi.

Chinese spooks behind a decade of important hacks
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Under the Winnti umbrella, ella, hey

Security experts claim that Chinese spooks were behind almost a decade's worth of network intrusions that use advanced malware to penetrate software and gaming companies in the US, Europe, Russia, and elsewhere,.

China looks to foreign companies to end chip dependence
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Speed up development to cut US dependence

It looks like Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump's trade war is going to force the Chinese to speed up its chip development programme to end its dependence on US companies quicker.

Alibaba invests in Chinese chip making
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Jumping on the IoT bandwagon

Chinese e-commerce outfit Alibaba has bought a Chinese microchip maker to further its cloud-based “internet of things” (IoT) business and to build a Chinese chip industry.

Chip demand for Chinese handsets picking up
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MediaTek laughing 

Chip demand from China-based handset companies is picking up and it appears that the likes of MediaTek are going to be laughing all the way to the bank.

China-US trade war threatens entire IT system
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The trade war between the United States of America and China has racked up big time this week but, largely unnoticed, is the effect it will have on the computer industry worldwide.

Samsung turns to China for new memory chip plant
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Boosting NAND

Samsung is to build a new memory chip production line in China in late March as part of a cunning plan to boost NAND flash technology to meet future demand.

US government stops Broadcom
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Analysis: Qualcomm IP must say American

A shocking development in the ongoing attempt by Broadcom to takeover Qualcomm in a hostile way has finally been put to rest. The US government's Committee on Foreign Investment (CFIUS)  advised the President Donald Trump to put a stop to it. The reaction was swift, as the US government ordered both Broadcom and Qualcomm to put an end to the matter, immediately.