Half the world is using the internet
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ITU figures

The United Nations agency for information and communication technologies the ITU has been asking around and estimates that at the end of 2018, 51.2 percent of the global population, or 3.9 billion people, will be using the internet.

FCC says it legally cannot police the internet
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Changes definitions to suit its case

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) opened its defence of its net neutrality repeal, telling a court that it has no authority to keep the net neutrality rules in place.

Internet and social media has plateaued
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At least in the US

Internet, social media use and device ownership in the US have plateaued after years of growth, according to beancounters at Pew.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee wants to save the internet
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Vanquishing big tech with lashings of open sauce

Tim Berners-Lee, the founder of the World Wide Web has a plan to rescue his creation from the clutches of big US tech.

Internet will be split in two
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Schmidt hits out

The internet will split into two different worlds within the next decade – and China will lead one of them, according to Eric Schmidt.

Alphabet brings balloon internet to Kenya
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Loony Tunes? We don't think so

A division of Alphabet – Google's parent company – has struck a deal with Telkom Kenya to bring the internet to people of the country.

People to spend more time on the net than watching TV
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First time

According to estimates from media agency Zenith, next year, for the first time, people will spend more time using the internet than watching TV.

India invented the internet thousands of years ago
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Government minister touts ancient Indian engineering feat 

Ancient Indians invented the internet thousands of years ago, according to an Indian government minister.

Republicans want to extend internet snooping plan
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Worried about armed revolt

Having just spent a fortune giving big corporations and the very rich tax cuts while doing nothing for the poor and middle classes, the US Republicans want to maintain the iron grip that security forces have over the internet, just in case the rest of the country revolts by linking themselves to worldwide terrorist organisations.

Net infrastructure faces Russian threat
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Cutting edge

A UK military Air Chief Marshall has warned that the cable infrastructure which keeps the internet running is in danger of being disrupted by Russia.