AMD brags it has the most stable graphics drivers
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Tested independently by QA Consultants

AMD has sent out press notes bragging about how its graphics drivers are the most stable in the industry. The test was commisioned by AMD and done by QA Consultants, and took a total of six AMD and six Nvidia most popular consumer and professional graphics cards and ran it under some rigorous testing.

AOC launches 31.5-inch IPS-based monitor with FreeSync
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Budget-friendly option with 1440p IPS panel

AOC has launched yet another 31.5-inch monitor, which shares a lot of similarities with the Q3279VWF, but it is based on an IPS panel, which should appeal to those looking for better color accuracy, the AOC Q3279VWFD8.

Samsung talks about 8 Gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM
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All set for 5G

Samsung has announced its 8 Gigabit LPDDR5 DRAM prototype as it pulls out all the stops for 5G data connections.

Big Blue blasts Groupon
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Violated our patents

IBM has sued Groupon for $167 million over using patented technology without authorisation.

Jeff Bezos is world's richest man
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King of the Amazons

Amazon's Jeff Bezos and Lex Luther look-alike is now the the richest person in modern history.

Apple experiencing hard times in India
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And it will not reduce its prices

After Apple failed to make a significant dent in China, it looked to the more populous India to make up the cash. However there are indications that all is not well in the ancient land.

Hacking campaign targets iPhones
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But... but... that is impossible

Apple's faith-based security system is finding itself under siege from a hacking campaign.

D-Wave closer to conventional computer
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Quantum effect getting better

D-Wave's general purpose computer that relies on quantum mechanical effects to perform calculations is finally reaching the stage where it can do something useful.

EU Parliament told to tone down anti-copyright law stance
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We must protect newspapers with a silly law

EU digital chief Andrus Ansip  called EU lawmakers to tone down their tough line on copyright reforms as Europe races to agree rules which will force tech giants to share revenues with publishers, broadcasters and artists.

Amazon Web Services to take on Cisco
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That is a nice router business you have there... it would be terrible if something happened to it

Amazon Web Services already dominates the market for cloud services and now it wants to take over Cisco's control of the $14 billion global market for data centre switche