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Google to get drones

by on09 August 2010

Spies in the sky
While the US military uses drones to find and kill terrorists, it seems that Google is buying them to replace its street cars.

The German drones manufacturer, Microdrones, confirmed that it is flogging the drone with the catchy title, the Wirtschaftswoche kamerabestückte drone to Google's headquarters.

Microdrones CEO  Sven Juerss said there was a good chance that Google will be buying shedloads of the UAVs. He told German newspapers that UAVs are well suited to provide more timely recording of the map service Google Earth," says Juerss.

Civilian UAVs have a range of several thousand meters, which can fly at a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour and fully automatically show whole neighbourhoods.

We guess they could be used to call in airstrikes against Apple too.

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