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New studio could open in Dundee

by on24 August 2010

Eutechnyx looks at opening a new facility
With the recent events at Realtime Worlds that have left many developers looking for a new home, news has come to light that UK developer Eutechnyx is looking at the possibility of opening a new development facility in Dundee, Scotland where Realtime Worlds was located.

If Eutechnyx goes ahead with the plan and turns up a new facility, it would give many developers in the area the choice to remain in Scotland and become part of the new Eutechnyx studio. While nothing is finalized yet, whispers that we hear suggest that the company is quickly trying to figure out if they would have enough work to warrant a new studio.

A number of developers and publishers have been holding recruiting events to tap into former Realtime Worlds talent that is now seeking new employment, but these jobs are, of course, outside of Scotland. Eutechnyx which has done a number of popular titles, including Test Drive Le Mans, SuperCar Challenge, and Big Mutha Truckers has recently obtained a major investment from Prime Technlogy Ventures, which is a Dutch VC firm.

It is expected that if Eutechnyx were to open a Dundee facility, the news is expected to be announced quickly with the developer starting a hiring initiative to pick up Realworld talent soon. Right now, Eutechnyx is apparently working on another racing title, which is called Auto Club Revolution; it is a driving/racing MMO-oriented title for the PC platform. Sources tell us that expansion could lead to the developer looking more closely into working on console development, which might be what the possible new studio in Dundee could be used for.

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