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Pegatron sues employee for spying

by on10 September 2010

Leaked secrets to Asustek
Computer maker Pegatron Technology is suing a former employee, claiming that he, or she, leaked trade secrets to Asustek Computer. According to Digitimes, it is not clear who the former employee was, but strangely the outfit has not decided to take its chum Asustek to the cleaners.

One would think if you thought that someone had been leaking information to your rival, suing the rival for its complicity in the matter would be fairly logical. However, Pegatron was once a wholly-owned subsidiary of Asustek, and if it sued them then that would harm the two outfit’s lucrative business relationship.

Although no one knows what secrets were involved nor who the corporate spy was. All that was certain was that the information was related to Pegatron's notebook products. The employee who did the spying was told to clear out his or her desk and was escorted from the premises.

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