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Microsoft misses a good buy out

by on10 September 2010

Rival buys big chunk of  DataViz
Mobile outfit Rim has just bought a big chunk of DataViz, which is famous for making the mobile software app  Documents To Go. In the deal was the insistancethat Rim gets the intellectual property and talent behind the popular app.

Documents To Go is available for various mobile platforms, including iOS, Android and Blackberry.
However it is seen as the best way to use Microsoft Office documents on a mobile device. This means that you have to Wonder what Microsoft was doing when it did not buy this nice little earner.

It also places a cool app in the hands of Microsoft's rivals.  Rim have said that all the talent will have to work on getting a better integration with Blackberry. This means that DataViz will gradually fade from these platforms, which only harms Microsoft.

Yet another reason MS should have bought DataViz is that it would have helped negate Google Docs efforts in this area.

It looks like another own goal for Steve Ballmer on the mobile front.

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