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Intel appears to be moving away from Google TV

by on21 December 2010

Dropped from advert campaigns
While Intel is continuing to support Google TV on its "Smart TV" initiative website, mention of the service seems to have disappeared from all other advertising.

The move is being seen as Intel, one of Google TV's big partners, distancing itself from Google TV which is already delaying its launch at CES in January. All Intel's new advertising talks about are apps you can presumably use with a Smart TV, and a mystery Boxee logo. Via a visit to Boxee's website, we see that the D-Link Boxee Box runs on an Intel Atom processor, but Intel doesn't say anything about it.

Of course SFGate could be over reacting. Google has apparently asked its partners to put the skids on their Google TV marketing until it is ready. If it can't make January then it may not show up for months.

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