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Lite on gets OEM orders from Intel

by on27 April 2011

SSDs built using Marvell chips
The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn that Lite-On has managed to get  OEM orders for SSDs from Intel.

According to Digitimes, the SSDs will be built using Marvell's controller chips with SATA III interface. Things have been going rather well for Lite-On lately. It has just managed to get OEM orders for SSDs from Dell and Japan-based Plextor.

Intel and Micron Technology are using controller chips from Marvell for their SSDs while Lite-on's rivals use  controller chips from Sandforce. Sandforce has been making a bit of an impact lately. Adata has launched its SSD, the S501V2, built using Marvell's controllers, but its new SATA III SSDs, to be launched in May, will adopt Sandforce's chips.

Kingston's new SATA III SSDs will also use the Sandforce controller.
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