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Thais arrest American for insulting the King

by on30 May 2011

But that is what Americans do
The Thai authorities have arrested a bloke who is an American citizen and claimed he has made disparaging remarks about their king. Americans have been complaining about people who have royalty ever since they got rid of their in a French backed coup and replaced him with a corporate oligarchy and Paris Hilton.

The Thais are upset that the American posted a link on his blog four years ago to a banned book about the Southeast Asian nation’s ailing king, so they clearly have long memories. The 54-year-old man has denied the charges, which also include inciting public unrest and violating Thailand’s Computer Crimes Act.

The Thai-born man Joe Gordon, lived in the US state of Colorado for around 30 years before returning recently to Thailand for medical treatment, the website said. He is being held in a Bangkok prison after a Thai court denied his request for bail.

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