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Nude Nuns owners drop the copyright habit

by on13 June 2011


Mass lawsuit abandoned

Incentive Capital has abandoned its case against 5,865 filesharers who downloaded the flick Nude Nuns with Big Guns earlier this year.

The entire case was a mess. Incentive is involved in a court battle with Camelot Distribution over who actually owns the B-rated flick. An identical Nude Nuns lawsuit brought by Camelot Distribution, a California company, was voluntarily dismissed three weeks ago.

So far no one is saying why they have pulled out. But it all came on the back of a rough ride that the two cases were getting from the Judge,

Firstly the judge demanded to know why the plaintiffs were suing so many people. The judge also appointed the Electronic Frontier Foundation to defend the rights of the 5,865 IP addresses.

The Nude Nuns lawsuit was among the largest of its type. The fact that it was a porn movie meant that many file sharers would have paid up rather than suffer the embarrisment of  a court case.

Last modified on 13 June 2011
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