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Skype fires senior bosses

by on20 June 2011

Microsoft purge
IT seems that heads are already beginning to roll at Skype, even before Microsoft has got its claws into the operation.
It looks like the firings are taking place ahead of the deal's closure as part of a cunning plan to save the new owners cash. If they are fired after Vole moves in, Skype does not have to pay so much.

Four vice presidents, the company's chief marketing officer and human resources chief have been told to clean out their desks and collect their P45s , according to the Bloomberg. The business newspaper claimed that two other executives from a recent acquisition had also been given the elbow. Skype spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy admitted the staff had been given their marching orders as part of a recent internal shift.

Microsoft announced its intentions in May to acquire Skype for $8.5 billion--it's largest ever. It wants to integrate Skype's technology with the Xbox game console and Kinect motion-sensing device, as well as with Windows Phone.

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