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Partners who have cyber-sex or sexting are cheating for real

by on21 June 2011

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A blindingly obvious survey from which we read in the  journal Sexuality & Culture, which we get for the pictures, claims that "sexting" or having cyber sex is a pre-curser to having an affair. Authored by University of Nebraska at Kearny professor Diane Kholos Wysocki and Washburn University associate professor Cheryl Childers, the paper examines the behaviours of those who frequent an online dating site dedicated to extra-marital affairs.

While there is a belief that people who are conducting cyber relationships are just looking for an ego boost  those who take part want to hook up in real life. The researchers found that of the 5,187 adults who answered the survey, women were more likely than men to engage in the researchers' definition of "sexting" with people outside their marriage. The female 25-29 age group having the highest incidence of sexting and they are more than 1.3 times more likely to send nude photos of themselves than men.

More than two-thirds of respondents said they had "cheated" with someone solely online, while three quarters confirmed that they successfully cheated in real life as a result. There appeared to be no gender differences when it came to real-life cheating.

Cheating does not decrease by age, in fact it is the complete opposite. Cheating in real-life also increases for females, but only through the 30s, then begins to decrease a bit." Only 13 percent reported a negative impact on their primary relationships thanks to their infidelity, though 25 percent said they weren't sure of the impact.

One of the best predictors for developing an extramarital relationship was engaging in cybersex, which often followed on from sexting. Men and woman who have cybersex is twice more likely to have an affair.

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