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75 per cent of online marriages end in divorce

by on16 September 2011

Virtual marriages no better of than the real thing
Figures from an online game outfit Nexon have shown that 75 per cent of online marriages which took place a game called MapleStory, have ended in divorce.

Cnet reports that of 26,982 in-game marriages 20,344 have ended in divorce. What is funny is that although the game is supposed to be about virtual relationships, the moaning from players is surprisingly real.

One player said that when he started playing he was “young, naive, and thought I had met 'the one'. When she asked me what I wanted in MapleStory for my birthday, and I told her that the only thing I could ever want was for her to marry me."

Apparently however over time she started saying that he wasn't the person she fell in love with. That he had changed, and that didn't seem to care about her anymore.

What gave this a virutal spin was Tyler continued that his best friend called him to say his new virtual wife was sabotaging him in the game. Ground for divorce!

In the game a virtual marriage will set you back $25. Thankfully, a virtual divorce is somewhat less damaging. MapleStory producer Crystin Cox admitted that while it looks like our players break up at a much higher rate than people do in real life, players dont get stung for alimony and don't have to split their loot, virtual pets or any enchanted items. Nor do they have to flee the country and return to a one bedroom squat in the British Midlands.

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