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Oracle backtracks on NoSQL

by on04 October 2011

Releases a product
Oracle, which hs been doing its best to rubbish the NoSQL movement has backtracked and released product of its own.

Four months ago, Oracle was flinging mud at NoSQL “hype.” It attacked the new breed of database that can juggle vast amounts of “unstructured” information in ways a traditional Oracle database can’t.

At the time it said NoSQL databases are beginning to feel like an ice cream store that entices you with a new flavour of the month. But it warned that users shouldn’t get too attached to any of the flavours because it may not be around for too long. This was effectively slagging off Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, and Redis.

Mysteriously this mud flinging white paper has now vanished from Oracle’s website. Now it seems that Oracle unveiled its own NoSQL database.

The Oracle NoSQL Database will be included with a new hardware system known as the Oracle Big Data Appliance. It would seem that Oracle is embracing not only NoSQL, but Hadoop, the other open source movement so often associated with the term.

Wired is reporting that Oracle has just moved with the times after all and the new NoSQL will even be open sourced.

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