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Dell kills off its last Android Tablet

by on06 December 2011


Streak on outta here

Tinbox maker Dell has taken its 7-inch Streak Android tablet out to some part of the Black Forest and shot it discretely in the back of the head.

While some retail sites still have stock, the company no longer offers the Streak for sale from its own website and will no longer produce it. The Dell Android tablet has now joined the Norwegian Blue and is pushing up the daisies, at least in the US.

The 7 inch Streat survived when the 5-inch Streak was pulled from the market in August. The Five inch was supposed to create a new market for tablets but surprisingly no one wanted to try and read books on a screen the size of a postage stamp.

The 7-inch Streak went on sale in January and was priced at $200 with a T-Mobile contract, but was greated by a large yawn, The only Dell tablet still in production is the 10-inch Streak. It is only flogged in China. Dell appears to think that the writing is on the wall for Android and is moving to Windows 8 when the operating system launches next year.

Speaking at the Dell World 2011 conference, Michael Dell, told the throngs that Android had not developed as he had expected. We guess he didn’t think that it would become the number one mobile operating system. It might have been that there are better similarly priced devices like the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet that offer many of the same features at roughly similar prices and do not need any telco contracts.

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