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Press praises Windows

by on09 January 2012

New York Times is confused poor thing

The unpaid press Apple press office, the New York Times cannot get its head around the fact that the rest of the press are praising Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Poor Nick Wingfield of the Times has been scouring the press trying to find something nasty to say about Windows Phone and instead can only find the tech press raving about it. Slate for example said it was the nest-looking smartphone operating system in the industry and TechCruch said that it is far superior to most if not all the Android smartphones.

Wingfield says that is the usual adulation for a gadget from Apple. In fact, they’re actually accolades for a new product from Microsoft. But Wingfield is having a problem here. His late Messiah ridiculed Microsoft as the tech industry dullard.

“Microsoft has produced a long list of flops, from smart wristwatches to the Zune music player to the Kin phones,” Wingfield reminded everyone.

Of course he forgets Microsoft kicked Apple's arse for years and Jobs' Mob is still a joke on the desktop. Wingfield is finding himself in the difficult position of quoting other Apple fanboys as saying that the Windows Phone “strikes me as quite different and an advance”. Thank arse for the fact that he can say “relatively few consumers have been tempted, and sales have been lacklustre”.

He claimed it was a big problem that handsets running Microsoft’s software, made by companies such as HTC and Samsung, were unexceptional. Of course the fact that Windows 8 has not actually been released yet might account for the fact that sales of the gadget have been a bit lacklustre. All the other tech press are waiting for Windows 8 to hit the shops before they get excited and most of the products are in a holding pattern for that event later this year.

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