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EVGA comes up with global warranty policy

by on03 April 2012

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Minimum of 3 years warranty for all products

EVGA has introduced a new "Global Warranty Policy" that will apply to all EVGA products, no matter which region you live in and no matter if you are the original buyer.

The new EVGA global warranty policy will apply to all new EVGA products purchased on or after July 1st, 2011. The new warranty policy also adds a minimum 3-year warranty on all products, not including the recertified products. The warranty is now transferrable, which means that the actual warranty is tied to product and not the original buyer, which is definitely a nice deal.

EVGA will also introduce so-called warranty upgrades that will be available to original owners upon registration with 5 or 10 year warranty upgrade for a small price. The best part is that product warranty is now global, and will be served by local warranty center with free standard cross-shipping RMA.

It would be nice if all manufacturers to decided to go this way as currently EVGA definitely has the best warranty deal.

You can check out more details regaring the new EVGA warranty policy here.


Last modified on 03 April 2012
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